At War With Ourselves

Published June 26, 2013 by Freedom Literature

I have never spoken my mind about a topic, well not publicly at least. If there is one thing I want to give my opinion on, is about how we humans are so quick to tear each other apart. I see this happen so frequently when it has to do with success or love.

Some of us achieve our goals through hard work and dedication; others struggle to find their way. Others simply look to see how they can take down what is standing in their way. Those people look to take advantage of the weaker link in their scenario and that could be a thing or a person.  Whichever one it is, it will be taken advantage of and eliminated.

Some of us find that special someone and make a lifetime of happiness with them. Get married have children and celebrate their 60th anniversary. Some of us are not that lucky. We fall in love with the wrong person and get hurt. Some of us have it even worse, we meet the perfect person but then someone else decides they want what you have and try everything in their power to take it from you.

Why do we have to hurt each other in such ways? Whether it’s in the ways I have described above or others. We all have a heart, we all have feelings and we all want to be happy. When we are little we have dreams of what our life would be like when we grow up. We see our parents make mistakes and we promise ourselves to go the opposite way they did and sometimes end up making the situation worst for ourselves. All we can do as human beings is learn as we grow. Life is hard as it is, lets help each other build a better world for our children so they don’t have to suffer what we did at one point.

We are all just human beings trying to make it in this world. Some of us have more ambitions than others but at the end we all want to be somebody or mean something in this life that we have been given. Those who are less ambitious, depend on the more eager to better themselves; ex. owners of businesses, managers, organizer, leaders, etc.. We were all created with a purpose and for a specific position in life. The journey in life is discovering what that is.

Life’s most difficult challenges is finding a balance. A balance between greed and lack of wanting, a balance between believing in a higher power or being absolutely diabolical. Yes, the examples are extreme but are true. From there derive a whole lot of other situations where we must find balance in life. Too much of anything is bad and not much of anything, well, you’re missing out.


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