Silver Lining

Published July 1, 2013 by Freedom Literature

This weekend was full of a turmoil of emotions. I have felt sad, happy, disappointed and angry. At some moments I have felt all those emotions at once, needless to say, I feel exhausted and wish I could go on a vacation. 

One thing I have taught myself is to find the silver lining in my toughest moments. A circumstance is never completely horrible.There is always a good thing happening or about to happen. No matter how much it pours you can always count on that beautiful rainbow showing itself after all the rain. 

Right now my health is my worst enemy and my wallet ;), but my kids are in great health. My kids are not the kind of children that require riches to put a smile on their faces. A simple funny movie from redbox, their favorite candy or just getting in bed with us and watching a movie as a family, makes their day. I love the fact that no matter what me and husband might struggle with as head of households, we have these wonderful children that make us smile when we least expect it.

My children are my strength to keep my head above water. They are the angels that God put in my life for me to never give up. They are my everything. My children are and will forever be my silver lining. 


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