My Faithful Friend

Published July 16, 2013 by Freedom Literature

I’ve been through a lot of different situations these past few years, and I will admit it has been tough trying to keep it all together. It’s just been one situation after another or they’ve come all at once. Just when I think I’m getting a break, something else starts falling apart. I’ve always been an independent and strong willed kind of girl and I still am, just more subtle about things.

I had Kidney Cancer in 2011, it was removed and thank God there were no complications with that surgery or no reappearances of the cancer. Since then until now, my health has been a constant up hill battle. Now 2 years after my cancer, I have to visit the Cancer Centers of North Carolina due to my chronic anemia. This is a blow all on its own and when I got the call to get my appointment scheduled and she identified herself where she was calling from. I had to find some where to sit cause I almost fell to my knees.

But there is one thing that I will say, and that all through this tough situations, I’ve seen God do some amazing things. I don’t live in fear of tomorrow because I know he has my back. My trust and faith are 100% on Him and his mercy. My struggles today are the strength of my tomorrows, so their is nothing to fear. He hasn’t left me yet, I know he won’t leave me now.

Say a Prayer in which ever way, shape or form you believe in. There is only one GOD.


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