An Experience Worth Having

Published July 21, 2013 by Freedom Literature

Its been eventful and emotionally draining at times these past few days. Like I’ve said before, my health has been giving me so many issues.

This past week I had to have an iron infusion done due to my iron deficiency. I knew it would be done through an IV but I had no idea in what kind of setting it would be in.

Who would’ve thought that I would be sitting with the same people receiving chemotherapy. When I realized in what area of the clinic I was in, I got this pain right in the pit of my stomach and still when I think about it the same sensation returns. I saw the lifelessness in their eyes and how weak some people looked.

I had kidney cancer 2 years ago and was blessed when it was caught on time. The Urologist who treated me let my parents know, after the surgery, if the cancer wasn’t found when it was I would’ve had one more year to live. 

These thoughts were racing through my mind when I first got there and was being hooked up to the machine. I suffer from anxiety so I took one of my xanax before I had a panic attack. Initially I was told the process would take 3 hours, but the doctor there let me know it was an all day process. They gave me some benadryl to pre-medicate me in case I suffered an allergic reaction when they would begin the small amount of iron first. Between the xanax and the benadryl, I was as relaxed as I needed to be, then I started to feel extremely thirsty and started coughing. My throat became scratchy. I don’t know if anyone reading this has been to a place like this before but its basically two rows of reclining chairs facing each other and they are divided into sections. In the row where I was sitting there were 3 patients sitting in front of me and one beside me. To my right there was a long glass where the nurses were stationed on the other side so they could see everyone. 

I continued to cough and run out of water to drink, I start to wave my hand and one of the nurses came over to me. I told her I was extremely thirsty and my throat was scratchy, she says “you’re having an allergic reaction”. Of course why not?? is all I could think of while I was shaking my head. She said they would stop the iron infusion for right now and give me more benadryl. As she walked away, the patient sitting in front of me asks “is it making you sick? it usually gives me the chills” he tells me. I smile and nod trying to swallow whatever hydration was left in my mouth. Since my symptoms alleviated with the benadryl they went ahead and continued the iron infusion. I then realize the patient in front of me must have thought it was my first round of chemo. That made me feel even worst, here he is worried about me and all I’m getting is iron.

As soon as they start the big bag of the iron and finish hooking it up, I get a visit from 2 of my favorite ladies. They brought me lunch so I would have something to eat since I didn’t know this was gonna be an all day thing. It was the highlight of my day. After they left and my tummy was full, I reclined the chair and decided to take a nap. Woke up to the sound of my machine going off because it was done. The first thing I did when I woke up was ask the nurse if I was snoring, she said no, thank God ’cause I’ve been told I could snore 😉

After this whole experience, I thank God He allowed me to be there. He allowed me to see what He saved me from 2 years ago. He allowed me to see people going through worst than I am right now, although the majority of my day is consumed by doctor’s appointments and trying to keep my anxiety under control. He also allowed me to have this experience at the hands of beautiful people. The nurses, the doctors, the staff, they were all so sweet, patient and nice. They were so understanding and it was genuine.

It was definitely an experience worth having. I will keep all those who continue this tough battle against cancer in my prayers.


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