A New Addition

Published August 3, 2013 by Freedom Literature

Hi my fellow bloggers!!!

You guys might wonder why I have named my website Freedom Literature. After so many trials and tribulation I have learned that writing is the way I kept my sanity. When I right down how I feel, especially when all seems gray in my life, writing helps me get some clarity on my thoughts. To some this might seem crazy or non-sense but for me it has been a way of life. The majority of all my writing is directed to God, He is the only friend that will never leave my side and who knows me better than anyone else.

I saw a movie called “Freedom Writers” and this movie is based on a true story about troubled teens caught in an undeclared war in their own backyards. This story takes place in the middle of the Rodney King riots, when gangs were taking over the streets. Some of these teens were homeless, being molested by family members, watched their mother getting beat by their father, were put out in the street to beg for money and forced into gangs because of their families. These teens saw a light at the end of the tunnel when they met a teacher who actually cared about them as human beings. It wasn’t easy for her but she never gave up and got through to them and became their best friend. One thing she did was introduce them to writing and how it can help you deal with your problems. This movies was my inspiration to start this blog. I already knew how important it was for me to write about things I went through and I felt as though I should share my writing with the world. I always said I never wanted my pain, suffering and tears to be in vain. This blog is my way of reaching out to the public.

I have met people through this blog, but there is this one person named Michael, he asked if I take prayer requests, I said I didn’t but that I would start because I felt a conviction in my spirit that its a wonderful idea. So apart from sharing my writing with you through short stories, poems, Spanish literature, I am now taking prayer requests. To me, making this addition, is a very serious matter and I will pray for whatsoever you need me to pray for. If you wish to keep your prayer requests confidential, I will do so, just email me at freedomliterature@gmail.com.

I thank you for your continuing support and welcome you to browse through the blog!!

17 comments on “A New Addition

  • Blessings Nelly,

    This is an inspiring, yet encouraging article. I really like it, good job. I am so glad that you felt the conviction in your heart about praying. The power of the Holy Spirit is unreal. I myself do have a request for this day. I have been invited to Wellsville, KS to give my first Sunday morning message. I have been many places to speak, but usually at the night service. This is an honor and I ask that you please pray for me concerning strength, right words, courage, boldness, and blessing. Hope all is well with you and yours Nelly. God bless you.

    • Hi Michael, I know you must have enjoyed yourself in the Lord this morning. I was at church this morning as well. It was an awesome service. I prayed for you before I headed out. Thank you for the encouraging words and liking the post 🙂

      • Blessings Nelly,

        Thank you for the prayers, I know the Lord heard them because many told me it was awesome. When I was introduced I got up and looked at all the sheep. At first I was in awe, then I seen that there were people there from other churches that I spoke at before. I was just like wow! Truly amazing:) Great feeling. Also I shared about my book at the end and I took several copies with me right, let’s just say I didn’t have enough. I believe that is a sign of something really good. Anyway, I spoke on the Paradigm of our faith and the providence of God being intermeshed, delicately woven together if you will.

        You said your service was an awesome service as well, do share if you feel led to. Hope everything is well with you. I really enjoyed our conversation the other day Nelly, you have brought inspiration to my life. As I have said before, what a beautiful spirit you have.

      • I’m so happy for you that you had such a great time – Glory to God for how he is blessing you! You sound so excited and I’m excited for you as well.
        Service was great and everyone was so welcoming. I hadn’t been there in a while and it felt wonderful to have everyone embrace me the way they did. I’m so glad I have returned to where God once called me to be. Keep me in your prayers so I may continue to move forward with God’s purpose in my life.
        I enjoyed our conversation as well. It’s inspiring to speak with someone who shares the same passion for Christ – it helps to keep me focused too 😉

      • Praise God and thank you kindly. You mentioned you are so glad that you have returned where God once called you to be. I’m not trying to pry by any means, but doesn’t your husband lead your family in Christ? I will keep you in my prayers Nelly. In fact I will pray for you right this moment.

        Father, thank you for your Son Jesus Christ who shed His blood on the cross for all our sins. Father thank you for for your grace, your mercy, and forgiveness. Thank you Lord. Father I thank you for Nelly’s act of faith, Lord she loves you so deeply, she has a passion to follow you where ever you may lead her. Father God, I pray that you show her how great and might you are, for you are mighty to save regardless of circumstances. Lord, humbly I ask that you give Nelly a breath of fresh air, give her the wisdom and courage to step out when ever you call upon her. Father God I truly thank you for crossing our paths, Nelly has been a true inspiration in my life, and she has touched my heart in many different ways. Thank you God, you are such a loving God. Lord I pray that Nelly will embrace your blessing as you embrace her. Lift her up Lord high as the wings of eagles, let your spirit flow through her like a rushing mighty wind, and give her the heart of surrender. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord for bringing her back to where she needs to be, in the loving arms of the Father. Hallelujah! Thank you Father, I pray in the name of your wonderful Son Jesus Christ, Amen!

        It is good to hear that you enjoyed our conversation as well, quite touching. I am truly grateful that you have this kind of passion in your heart. It is rare as a precious jewel.

      • I decided just to answer her 😉 my husband and I were raised with different religious backgrounds. I have always gone to church. I know that at one point he will start going with me. I keep him in prayer and I thank God that he is supportive of everything I do because he knows I love The Lord!!!

      • I see, and that is quite common these days for real, I hope his heart is convicted soon, you will blossom even more being equally yoked.

        Myself, I was going out with a girl I have known all my life, we were great friends, always hung out, had a great time, never dated. When we started dating after not seeing each other the entire time I had been locked up, something changed. What, I am not sure. However, we went out for a year, just up until May of this year and she pretty much ended it with me because I am the way I am with God. I couldn’t believe it, I thought she was the one and boom, out of nowhere she rips my heart out and now our friendship is ruined. Life is grand. I will be praying for you guys, believe that.

      • I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out but God sometimes tears things apart to bring greater things together! You need someone with the same passion that you have for God or like my husband, is there to support you in all you do.
        I pray God beings you someone who will love and value you for all that you are in The Lord!

      • Yes, I know He does, and it’s something worth waiting for. Thank you for praying for me in this matter because honestly, I have that desire in my heart, to be yoked with that one special woman. Sometimes, well many times I just don’t see how God blesses my life the way He does in my ministry, my speaking, my writing, my singing, etc, The greatest desire I have is for companionship, I am only a man, and man enough to admit that I am lonely. I have all this success, but when I come home at the end of the day, I come home to an empty house, no one to share with. I just don’t get it, I know it will happen, when? Only He knows and I know it will be in the right time. Anyway, thank you for the prayers and thank you for listening. I need to turn in, have to get up at 4:30. You have a wonderful night Nelly. And God bless your heart.

      • Ok Michael I will keep you in my prayers and coming from someone who is married, enjoy your single time. I always believe that we should all enjoy every phase we are in at the moment. If you’re a teenager, enjoy your teenage years, if you’re single, enjoy those years and when you get married enjoy your married life. Be patient and continue to Praise and Worship God the way you do!! He will bring the right one at the right time! God Bless you, sweet dreams and may you have a blessed day tomorrow 😉

      • Thank you very much Nelly, you are a beautiful and wonderful woman. I must say this, when she is revealed I hope she is full of passion for God as you are. I pray you have a wonderful day as well, I shall talk to you later. Many blessings to you and yours.

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