Never Give Up

Published August 7, 2013 by Freedom Literature


The very same things that break you are the very things that hold you together.
God carries us through it all and we get to enjoy the finished product, knowing it will only get better.


13 comments on “Never Give Up

      • Aww, I’m sorry. Father, you are the divine healer, the great physician, and always faithful. Lord I ask that you touch Nelly right now, she loves you Father God and she serves you with great faith. Lord I am praying for a miracle right now, I have no doubt that you will pour your blessing out on her and cleanse her of any sickness. Give her strength Father, give her a breath of fresh air, cleanse her vessel for your glory and your glory alone. The healing starts on the inside, and works its way outward, compound her faith for faith come by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Thank you Lord. Open the heavens for you are the same today, yesterday, and forever. Your love never fails, never gives up, and never runs out on us. Heal her Lord. I pray in the name of your wonderful Son Jesus Christ Amen.

      • Indeed, with God all things are possible. This is the Paradigm of the New Testament. Philippians 4:15-I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Praise the Lord. Like one of my favorite songs, I lift my eyes up to the hills, I know where my strength comes from, It comes from you and you alone.

      • Everything has gone good thank God. I’ve just been a bit out of it these past couple of days, but I’m back and ready to bombard everyone with words full of inspiration from God. 😉
        How are you?

  • So you have heard it:) Awesome. Have you listened to our song worthy. It’s our first recording. I have recorded a solo which is on the radio, I did a cover of Josh Turner’s The Long Black Train. Hope you have had a wonderful day.

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