Published August 18, 2013 by Freedom Literature

Our blessings depend on our attitudes.

Act like you want to be blessed, serve God like you want to be blessed, PRAISE Him like you want to be blessed. And you will see how He blesses your life!!
Amen 😉


4 comments on “Blessings

    • I think Job’s story is a perfect example of what happens to all of us when our faith is being tested and we feel we have nothing to hold on to. And just when we feel we are about to give up, here comes God and shows up and saves us, blesses us with more than we had before.
      I know this story for some is very hard to understand since God was the one who drew Satan’s attention to Job. God on the other hand just wanted to show how he doesn’t abandon those who continue to believe in Him and trust in Him no matter how difficult the situation might be. He stands by His word, that He will bless you and never forsake you, and for us to shine brighter we have to be proven worthy of his blessings and put through a process.

      • Yes. That. We (my husband and I) are going through one of those trying times. He lost his job, and the job market is pretty bad right now. He’s 60 years old. Too young to start on Social Security, too old in the sight of employers. I have some disabilities and cannot work myself. All of the freelance work I had been doing has melted away.

        We have some wonderful grown children and grandchildren, but they all have their own financial burdens. Things look dark. Our assistant pastor preached from Hebrews 12 this morning – it was very encouraging.

        Thank you for your good reminder.

      • You’re welcome I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Just never loose your faith and remember the God that you serve. Tell God exactly how you feel. Sometimes we don’t do that because we think He knows it already, but He wants to hear it from you!
        God Bless You!!

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