Mother Thank You

Published October 2, 2013 by Freedom Literature

Today has been a day that I’ve been going down memory lane, since I was a child. It’s been funny and at times heartbreaking. I believe we all have stories to tell about our childhood and some of us wish things would’ve been different, like the time I sat on ant hill and my mother had to spray me with the water hose in Puerto Rico.

As I wrote my memories down, I noticed a lot of them began with “my mother”. For example; “I remember when my mom would fill the house with water and soap in Puerto Rico and me & my sister would slide all over the house” or “I remember when me and my mother would skip all the way home and we found it so amusing”.

I just want to take this moment and thank my mother Ada Ramirez for all she did with all she could. For loving me, raising me, putting up with my mischievous ways, and loving me although I was bald for the majority of my childhood ;). Thank you mother for holding me at night when I woke up crying for no reason and for all your patience when I was little. I know now as a mother how much you gave of yourself to be there for me.


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