God Was There From the Beginning

Published October 15, 2013 by Freedom Literature

Let me tell you a little bit about my background so you can understand the story.

I was born in Puerto Rico, the baby of the family ;). My sister and I are 11 months apart and we look like twins. My father and mother were both born in Puerto Rico, but unlike my mother, my father was raised in Bronx, NY. My father is a very smart and loving man who has had to endure a lot of hard trials during his childhood and as an adult it didn’t get any easier. He served this country in the Vietnam War, enough said. When they say that a father is a daughter’s first love, they are so right, because that is exactly what my father is to me. My dad is an amazing man, he is also the type of person who gives without expecting anything in return. My dad had one problem, the coping mechanism he used to deal with his pain, alcohol. My daddy, unfortunately, is an alcoholic and has been one throughout our lives.

I remember being about 6 or 7 years old. We lived in Springfield, Massachusetts. My mother had to go out and decided to leave us with our father. I don’t think he was drunk when she left us with him but it didn’t take long after she left for him to loose control of himself. He was so intoxicated he started vomiting right in front of us and passing out from time to time. Someone in the neighborhood must have noticed because the cops were called and were told that we were under my father’s care and thought we were in danger.

When the cops came, I remember just being really scared because they wanted to take us away from my father. I just thank God for the neighbor that came over, she was a close friend of my mother’s, she told the cops she was watching us but we came over to see how our dad was doing. The cops believed her and allowed us to go with her until my mother got home.

Although the years to come where not so great in our household, I thank God everyday for not allowing my sister and I to be taken away. Who knows what could have happened. I believe God saved us from much worse.

Stay tuned for the following story!!!


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