God Saves Saga Continues

Published October 21, 2013 by Freedom Literature

Good Morning my friends. I hope & pray you all have enjoyed the stories I shared last week about how God has saved me. I will continue this week to share more stories, so stay tuned.

I do have a favor to ask of you all. If you have any stories of when God saved you and you would be willing to share it, please do. If you wish for me to share it on my blog I will, and I will keep it anonymous (if you wish). The reason why my blog is titled Freedom Literature is because I believe writing about your pain, sorrow, happiness and everything you hold inside causes you to feel free, to feel as though you have released a heavy load of your shoulders. The best thing about that, is as you share your story, you bless someone else.

Do not hold back from sharing your stories that God has allowed you to venture to through. You never know who needs to hear that they too will survive.

God Bless!!!!


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