Minutes After Disaster

Published October 22, 2013 by Freedom Literature

I was about 13 years old when this happened. My sister and I had just made it to our bus stops after school. We were dropped off about 2 blocks from our house or so. We would always walk home together.

We lived in a townhouse at the time. There was a short cut to get to our house and it would bring us to the back of the house, we usually entered through the side door. This day was different, when we were about to unlock the door we noticed it had been busted open, the lock was dismantled and the wood was cracked and all over the floor. We didn’t know if the burglar was still in the house or not. We also had a little puppy at the time and we were so worried about him as well, but we knew we couldn’t go into the house by ourselves. We went to our friend’s house and he accompanied us. We walked in very quietly and when we made it to the stairs, once our puppy saw us, he came running down the stairs, he looked petrified. We proceeded upstairs and finished checking the house, luckily the burglar was gone,

They did steal several things, like our microwave, my father’s clothes, they went through our drawers, took some of our sneakers and some other appliances. It was a very scary experience. Although we did loose some valuable material things, we were blessed to be saved from such a horrific experience. Our puppy did recover and was back to his little mischievous ways in no time.

It’s memories like these, that make me realize how much God loves me & how blessed I am & always have been. No blessing is too small to talk about because His love & mercy is immeasurable.

God Bless!!!


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