Women Crush Wednesday #WCW

Published October 23, 2013 by Freedom Literature
The struggles she's had to endure have made her the successful person she is today.

The struggles she’s had to endure have made her the successful person she is today.


Today I dedicate Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw) to my beautiful sister Lorna Mauras. Apart from the fact that she is smart, beautiful and ambitious, I admire her for the wonderful mother she is. My sister has faced incredible circumstances in her life, starting at a young age, but she has been able to convert those wounds, scars and hurtful memories to her advantage. She knows how to definitely find the positive in any negative situation. As a single mother of 3, she is always busy but never too busy to be there for others. She gives so much of herself to help out as much as she can, there is no telling her to sit down and stay still ;).

I thank God for the big sister He has blessed me with. Although like all siblings we have had our moments, I’m glad we have over come them & our bond has become stronger causing us to be inseparable.

I love you sissy, know that you are loved and appreciated for all you do. For all the time you take out of your day to be there for someone else, God is watching all you do and He is going to bless you abundantly.



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