Keep Pressing Forward

Published November 7, 2013 by Freedom Literature

My Lord has taught me to keep pressing forward.

For those who don’t understand the meaning of pressing. It means to push forward or advance with force, eagerness, or haste for something you want.

Plenty of times when we are going through difficult situations, we forget we have God, we forget God’s promises, we forget God is our provider, we forget God is our healer, we forget God is our deliverer and instead of praising Him we praise our problems.

Our God did not give us a spirit of fear; but of power. We must keep pressing forward with force, eagerness and haste towards our promise, towards God’s purpose. When the enemy rises like a flood, determined to wash your faith away and everything else you allow him to take. You need to remember the God you serve, that you trust, that your faith relies on. CALL ON HIM AND HE WILL COME TO YOUR RESCUE; HE WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY; HE WILL STAND STRONG IN YOUR DEFENSE.

You are His child and a father never abandons their child, knowing that God is our father, He will protect us now and always from all things.

Yes, there are situations that are heartbreaking and tear us to pieces but in those moments of devastation and right out helplessness – you have to remember- God never gives us more than we can bear. He knows the purpose of everything He allows to happen in our lives – your responsibility is to KEEP PRESSING FORWARD because God has not left you, this is just a season you must endure so He can bring you GREATER – TO ANOTHER LEVEL.

Believe in what He has promised you, never doubt it, because when you least expect it – it will come to pass.


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