God’s Creations

Published November 11, 2013 by Freedom Literature

Being that God created all things; and when that is said, the first thing we think about is the material things, the things that are in front of us. The things we can see, feel or touch. The beautiful sunrise, the endless oceans, the astounding mountains. All the beautiful creatures He created, is the first thing we think of.

We forget to look deeper, to look beyond the obvious. At times, we need to shut our eyes and feel, because our ability to feel was also created by God. Our ability to move, to talk, to hug, to walk, to love, to enjoy, our determination and focus, was also created by God. He created each one of us to be unique in our own ways. He gave us all different characteristics, so when we come together we make things whole. We are like tools for Christ, made to work together so we can create bigger things for the love of Christ. We are the body of Christ and were created to work together, to help each other. When one leg is injured, on a human being,the other leg makes up for most of the body’s weight until the injured leg recovers itself. The Lord wants us to be able to lean on one another. To know if I fall, my sister or brother will be there to pick me up.

Lets learn to work as a whole, as a team, with the same purpose. The purpose being, to work for the kingdom of the God and help those in need by allowing Christ’s love to flow through us and create wondrous things for God’s Glory.


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