Throw Back Thursday #TBT

Published December 5, 2013 by Freedom Literature

If there is one thing that can hold us back is our past. As much as we strive to become better human beings, we are constantly reminded of what we use to be. We feel as though we are never given enough credit for what we have overcome and have become today.

We have to know this starts by us. We have to accept who we once were and know, “I can never go back and change what I’ve done but what I’m going to do, is change what is in my control NOW.” 

Even when someone comes to remind you of who you once use to be – you make it a point to tell them “That’s how awesome God is because look at where I am today. I’m a walking testimony of God’s power, grace and mercy, and since you seem to be stuck in the same place where I was at one point in my life, I suggest you try God one of these days.” 

God has come to renew and restore all things, the devil on the other hand, would love to see you defeated and hopeless. Try now God in this – He will not let you down.


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