College Life

Published February 28, 2014 by Freedom Literature

Yet another entry on college life, but what else can I blog about, this is my life right now 😉

Today a student brought up a valid point from his perspective. He is majoring in Substance Abuse Counseling, but has been working as a counselor for 10 years now. The state now requires for you to obtain a degree and be certified before you can become a substance abuse counselor.

In his experience, he feels as though the education is not really valid compared to his personal experience. Coming from being an addict, being a veteran with PTSD, he feels as though being able to relate to someone is more prominent than having to be educated to become efficient in the field. He went on to express how when he goes to the veteran’s hospital to see his therapist and they change the person for some reason, he will ask if the counselor is a veteran before he would start speaking to the counselor.

For him first-hand experience is more valid than being educated to become a counselor. Although I do understand where he is coming from, I believe education enhances all the first-hand experience you have to offer for your client.

What does everyone else think?


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