Benefit of doubt

One Saturday I met a guy, a little older than me, he seemed pretty well put together. He spoke very well and seemed to have his priorities straight. We decided to meet at a park on Sunday, so we could talk and get to know each other better. He told me he wanted to be honest with me and wanted tell me something. All I could think of was, oh my God what now?? But he seemed mature and I thought let me give him the benefit of the doubt, we are only human and sometimes things happen in our life that are out of our control. He went on to explain to me that he had been in a relationship where they were together for about 6 months but it just didn’t work out between them. They had went their separate ways about 2 months ago. She had recently contacted him to let him know she was pregnant with their child.

I was laughing to myself inside, I mean these kind of situations only happen to me. My response was that I understood and I explained to him I trust 100% until he changes that by his actions. I told him that with the first hint of the possibility of my feelings being compromised, I would say bye to him and it was nice to meet you. He understood.

In the week that followed, he was the most attentive man any woman would ask for. Every morning I was greeted by a call, an hour later a sweet text, and that went on through the course of the day. One morning we had a conversation about looking at houses, since he was currently sharing a condo with a friend. He said he wanted me to come along so he could see what my taste was like. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever.

By Friday, the text messages where scarce, he was not answering the phone and I just didn’t understand why. It wasn’t like him to do that. Than I got a call, it was him, he called me to tell me that the mother of his unborn child had found out about me and she tried to harm herself and the baby because she wanted him back. He told me that its best if we just stayed as friends because he was going to try to work things out with her.

All I can do was laugh, not at the fact that she tried to harm herself, but at the fact that this was even happening. I did thank him for being honest with me and I wished him the best of luck and hoped she didn’t try to kill him next if he tried to leave her. The thing that took me by surprise was what happened next. Later that night I received a call and it was him, when I answered, he said, “I’m just calling to tell you that its over between us and please don’t call me I’m back with my wife”, and of course he put me on speaker with her in the room, all I could say was “No problem and have a nice life”

I was so mad and laughing so hard at the situation. I thought this is unbelievable, this is what happens when you give someone the benefit of the doubt. Sure enough, months passed and he tried to get in touch with me, I was glad I was able to say, “sorry I’m married and have nothing to say to you, God bless and hope you’re happy, cause I sure am.”


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