My Story

My name is Inellis Del Rosario. I have several purposes for this blog and with your help and participation I know I will reach them all. I will begin by introducing myself, I feel that if I let you into my world you will feel more lenient to allow me to enter yours. I am 31 years old married to a wonderful man, his name is Ronny. I am also a mother of two precious boys who are 10 & 12. I was born in Puerto Rico but raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. I have to thank my parents, Rafael and Ada, for raising us the way they did, I am completely fluent in both Spanish and English with no accent. They were determined to keep our puertorican culture present as we were growing up. I also lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where both of my children were born. In 2003 I moved to North Carolina and I have been living here ever since. I work for a Personal Injury Law Firm as a Paralegal. I did not have the chance to go to college but I went to the school of “hard knocks” ;). All I’ve learned has been by the grace of God and the wonderful people He has allowed to come into my life.

Well, enough about me, now for the task at hand. I am a strong believer of the freedom that comes with expressing with yourself through literature. There are times in life where you feel no one is listening, even if you’re shouting at the top of your lungs. We cry out for help or sometimes just want someone to understand us. I have learned through different circumstances in my life that writing is a great way to vent, to set free all the emotions that have accumulated through out the years. It has been even more interesting to me how my writing can help others. Let me explain; we are all more alike than we care to know. Although we are all individuals, life allows us to encounter the similar situations, and its in those moments that we are able to relate to each other. Be through sadness, sickness, helplessness, moments of darkness, loneliness, happiness, miracles and times of extreme joy.

My purpose is to reach out to those who want to relate and be heard; those who want to be set free and need a helping hand or guidance. I do believe in a higher power who is greater than all of us; He is my guide and through Him I am more than able to overcome all circumstances; we are able to overcome all circumstances. I want to help you understand you’re not alone!!!


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  • Hi there
    Thank you very much for visiting and liking my post. I really appreciate it. I am just a bit exploring your blog. I love your blog 🙂 will spend more my time to read your posts..Blessing to you.

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