A Love Once Lost

When we first met, when our paths first crossed, I didn’t think this would be what I would find.

As the days went by, our eyes continued to meet, our conversations became more elaborate.

Our intentions were to find a friendship, someone to rely on. To find someone honest, to finally be told the truth.

But our emotions went further than we intended. Our emotions took us deeper than we could control.

I fell, I fell hard and fast in love. I felt happiness I hadn’t felt in years, I felt a comfort I thought I would never find again.

I began to trust, to trust your words, to trust your promises. I believed in my heart that you loved me and I think you did too.

We stood together holding hands, our bodies close to one another, we stared in each others eyes as if we were making love to one another with out a single move.

It was just you and I, standing there holding one another, wanting to never let go. The ocean started to hit the shore harder and harder until it was starting to reach us.

We finally kissed and the winds started to blow, as if it was against our love. We held on to each other very tight and looked in each others eyes, as if we knew this was good bye, as if we knew this was the end, as if we knew we couldn’t be.

As the winds grew stronger, the stronger we held on to each other…but the winds became stronger and all we were holding on too was the tip of our fingers…

We stared at each other one last time, as if saying good bye, for now, not forever.

And as soon as we let go, the winds stopped, the sun arose and we parted ways, knowing one day we would meet again.


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