Not Lost; Distracted

Let me tell you a little story about a little girl who was lost in her own ways. Who worked overtime to make a name for herself. Who wanted to make a difference.

But in trying to do so, she was distracted. She encountered plenty of obstacles that at times made her loose her purpose. She would re-assert herself in what she knew she had to do. Grasped on to her God and said “lets go I’m ready”; to later loose herself in her rebelish ways. Not meaning to disappoint on purpose, just difficult for her to stay on course.

She understands now, after life has dealt her cards that were not so easy for her to win, she has to achieve what she was meant to achieve in life. So, she waited for instructions on how to proceed. But now feels she strayed away too far from her path, from the path God intended her to take.

Now she pleads to her God with heart and soul to show her the way. She revisits previous conversations with God and tries to see if she forgot something along the way or what is happening or better yet, what is going to happen.

I can be a witness to this because she is me. And I struggle everyday with trying to find my way or better yet said, God’s way. I know my path is not the one I need to follow. My path has caused me enough heart aches and tears for me to continue following it. I want to follow the path God has drawn out for me.

“God I don’t want to be distracted anymore and all I want to do is your Will.”


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