It’s Never Too Late, Beloved

It’s never too late, beloved.

It’s never too late for you

To return to that place,

Beholding God’s face,

And do what He wants you to do.

You may have some sowing and reaping.

You may have some scars that remain.

You may still struggle in valleys deep,

Engulfed by grief or by pain.

But it’s never too late, beloved,

To say to your precious God:

“Here, take it all

I answer your call;

I honor your precious word.”

He may call you to tasks that are noble,

Or to that which is humble and poor.

But, wherever He leads,

Or whatever He needs,

Let Him use it for your joy to restore.

For its never too late, beloved.

Take whatever time’s left to you,

And ask God in you to finish the work

He’s chosen for you to do.


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