So What!!

So I met this girl one day and boy was she beautiful.

I mean she looked like an angel

She had long black silky hair and a tan like complexion that made her look like she was right out of a magazine.

So of course, I had to introduce myself.

She had the most beautiful smile and the most amazing eyes, I had to make her mine.

With my wit and my charm, in time, I got her to fall in love with me.

Every time we went out I bought her yellow tulips, they were her favorite.

We did everything together, from shopping, to exercising, ballet, going to the opera; whatever made her happy.

I had to make this girl my wife.

We dated for about six months until I saw the look that I was waiting for, that glow in her eyes that said, “I was the best thing that had ever happened to her.”

So I proposed, six months into our relationship,and she said YES!.

Finally we said our I do’s and off to our new home we were.

How lucky was I to have made this beautiful woman my wife.

As time passed, we went about our daily routines.

She worked as a secretary in a an office and everyday she would dress her best. Looking absolutely amazing.

One day I watched her as she got dressed and noticed something, I noticed she was too beautiful and she was gonna be taken away from me if I didn’t make sure she was all mine.

I began to tell her those clothes were not adequate for a married woman to be wearing, told her she looked like a tramp, a whore, just and easy piece available for the taking, she cried, but SO WHAT! She stopped dressing that way.

Than I started noticing that she would not only smile with me or for me, she would do it for everyone.

I punched that smile right out of her face and made sure she understood that she was mine and to stop acting like such a whore and she wasn’t so pretty any more because tramps that smile at everyone just like her, are not attractive and they are just disgusting and nasty. She cried but SO WHAT!!

One day she forgot what I told her about smiling at other people so I punched her so hard she was knocked out cold, SO WHAT!

I went straight to bed and tucked myself in when all of a sudden. I heard the sounds of handcuffs.

When I opened my eyes I was handcuffed to the bed by both my arms and legs and the smell of gasoline was so strong.

And when I looked down at the foot of my bed, there was that beautiful woman I had met one day, bruised, beaten and bleeding, both inside and out.

She gave me a cold stare, while smoking her cigarette and as she took one last puff, she threw the cigarette on the bed. She said; “You’re burning; SO WHAT”

*The same things that break you is the substance that puts you back together”


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